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3 Types of Swimming Pool Lights

December 19, 2017

Keeping your swimming pool and the pool area well lit not only makes it look more beautiful but also makes it safer. A swimming pool that is well lit, looks welcoming and also creates a warm atmosphere for everyday or even on occasions. You can add these lights to your existing swimming pool or to the pool you’re installing or planning to get. A swimming pool installation services company can also help you to fix them.

There are different styles of lighting available in the market, but here are three types of popular swimming pool lights you should know more about.

  • LED Swimming Pool Lighting – One of the most popular type of lighting for swimming pools, LED lighting are not only attractive but also energy efficient. LED lights are available in different colours that will enhance the beauty of your pool. Since these lights are too bright, you might only need a few to brighten up the swimming pool and even the pool area. LED lights are cheaper than other lighting options and can also be bought at a warranty of maximum years for durability. The only drawback of LED pool lighting is that it takes around 30 minutes or more for changing it, but if that is not an issue, you can go ahead with LED pool lights.
  • Halogen Pool Lights – These lights can be installed both ways, in-ground as well as on-ground, which makes its design versatile. Changing halogen bulbs is much easier when compared to LED bulbs and hence makes the perfect choice for those who keep throwing pool parties. Halogen bulbs are available in yellow and blue colours which makes it a little difficult to create different ambience.
  • Fiber Optic Pool Lights – The most versatile lighting option available in the market, fiber optic pool lights are available in different colours and look beautiful in any style of swimming pool. It also works well to add effects on the pool, for example, artistic and romantic effects on the waterfall, stairs etc. The only disadvantage of fiber optic pool lights is that they don’t last long.

You should just be careful during stormy or questionable weather condition if you are installing bulbs underwater. Any other doubts? Choose the best swimming pool installation services companies like Magiline Swimming Pools, at, as even they can help you with the best lighting options which are safe too!