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Natural Water, Salt Water or Chlorine Water for Your Swimming Pool

December 19, 2017

So you have decided the style and type of swimming you want to build for your home. Next is the type of water you would like to dive into every day. When building a new swimming pool people often go for chlorinated water, thinking that is the only option. But today there are more options of water to fill your swimming pools other than just one.

1)    Chlorine Water – Also considered the cheapest pools up front, chlorine water pools require the maximum maintenance over time when you will constantly need to check if the pH level of water is balanced. Though it seldom happens, the maintenance of chlorinated water in pools is a little easier. People with sensitive skin should avoid choosing chlorinated water for their pools as the maximum infections of eye and skin happen to swimmers who usually swim in chlorinated water. The swimming pool maintenance cost is cheaper for chlorinated pools.


2)    Natural Water – It is a trending swimming pool option and also looks beautiful in your backyard. A natural water pool is self-cleaning and keeps purifying water on a continuous basis, which makes it so clean that you might not even require showering after taking a dip in it. The pool has a nearby regeneration zone that cleans the water. As natural pools are designed to blend with the natural environment, they often even imitate a natural body of water. Natural pools do not require chemicals for maintenance; however, the swimming pool’s maintenance cost is a little more.


3)    Salt water – Salt water pools are also another popular option for your pool. These pools do contain chlorine the amount is very less than that of chlorinated pools. And the reason is, that the chlorine is not artificially added to the water but naturally created with the salt water generator. These pools require lesser maintenance than the ones mentioned above, which makes it easier to maintain. And as the chlorine level is quite low, these pools do not act as an irritant to the skin and eyes.


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