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FX Filtration : an exclusive patented pool filtration system

Our exclusive system combines performance, economy, simplicity and aesthetics. Magiline offers filtration finesse of 15mm, limiting the use of chemical products (against 45 microns for a traditional filtration system, with a sand filter). Another key advantage: better movement of the water and Filtered water, changed 3 to 5 times faster

With the patented FX Line filtration system, less care products, cleaner, more natural water, and… savings

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Home automation solution : the smart pool


iMAGI is the first fully integrated and connected solution that brings home automation to the garden and the swimming pool. iMAGI takes into account all the climatic, biological and chemical factors which affect the state of the pool water in order to automatically regulate it. Everything is simplified: control via an intuitive interface, the system will take care of everything for you. A Magiline innovation.

IMAGINE: Zero constraints, maintenance, cleaning, checking temperature and water level … the entire management of your pool becomes automatic. IMAGINE your MAGILINE swimming pool, nothing but pleasure.



To enjoy your swimming pool all the time …
You only need to set the ideal temperature of your pool, your ELYSEA 2 Heat Pump will take care of everything. Its innovative design guarantees you optimum performance whatever the size of your pool and the external conditions.

Forget the constraints, a constant water temperature in all circumstances. Nothing but pleasure.Forget the constraints, a constant water temperature in all circumstances. Nothing but pleasure.

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Magiline Pools safety and protection systems.
Taking care of your peace of mind

In accordance with current French legislation and its decrees, swimming pool owners must install a standardized protection device, no later than at the completion of the swimming pool work. This law concerns buried (or semi buried) pools, non-enclosed (i.e. open air), for individual or collective use.

Four categories of protective devices for
swimming pools:

  • The protective barrier for swimming pools (standard NF P 90 306) allows closing off the access to the pool.

    protective barrier for swimming poolsThe protective barrier
  • The pool alarm system with perimeter and/or immersion detection (standard NF P 90 307 and Decree No. 2009-873 of 16 July 2009).

    swimming pool alarm systemPerimeter detection alarm
    swimming pool alarm systemImmersion detection alarm
  • The pool safety cover (standard NF P 90 308) (automatic roll out cover, covers with rods, safety covers or nets set above the borders, etc.) secures your swimming pool and protects the water in your pool.

    swimming pool equipment supplier indiaAutomatic submerged shutter MAGIguard
    swimming pool equipment dealer indiaBar-type cover
    swimming pool equipment manufacturer indiaGround safety shutters SECURItech
  • Pool shelters – MAGI guard and SECURItech – combine pool safety, extension of swimming time, temperature gain, protection against external pollution and economy of treatment products and maintenance.

    Swimming Pool sherletersPool sherleters
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Maintenance of your swimming pool

  • The selection of a pool cleaning robot is crucial for the cleanliness of the water, it is quite simply essential for a dip in the best conditions. It will save you from having to get out your skimmer net and above all, it will be much more effective than you. In addition to the surface of the water, a pool cleaning robot will clean dirt on the walls as well as the bottom of your pool.

    Swimming Pool cleaning robotMAGIblack Tanktrax

    swimming pool cleaning equipmentDolphin Suprem

    swimming pool cleaning equipment manufacturer indiaPolaris 280 Tanktrax

    swimming pool cleaning equipment supplier indiaVortex 3

Discover an effective and easy system for swimming pool maintenance: the pool vacuum. Automated and independent, the pool vacuum can clean a swimming pool in a few movements.

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To make sure the water is always healthy and crystalline, whatever the filter system used for your swimming pool, we propose a wide range of swimming pool maintenance products.

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Swimming against the current

La nage à contre courant des piscines Magiline vous permet de démultiplier la longueur de votre bassin. La pratique de la natation pour toute la famille devient possible dans votre propre bassin.

Unlimited sport swimming practise

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Spa deck, Lounger, Stairs

Magiline Swimming Pool Equipment

Our stairs can be equipped with up to 5 hydro jets and a button to modulate the massage power. Sitting or lying, this staircase gives you the pleasure of a whirlpool bath on a large smooth bench seat.

Beach entry, stairs and massage bench all in one

Pool lightning

Swimming Pool spotlights

Traditionally lit by incandescent spotlights, pools are evolving with new technologies! That is why, Magiline Pools has opted for Neolight white LED spotlights (LED: Light Emitting Diode).
As an optional, Neolight colour allows you to program up to 11 colours and 7 programs in your swimming pool.

Illuminate your pool to enjoy it even at night.

Indoor Swimming Pools LightsNEOLIGHT

Swimming Pools LightsNEOLIGHT color