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A unique structure for heigts of between 1.20m and 1.50m

The modular structure composed of permanent formwork polypropylene panels is a totally new patented process.
This concept means that our swimming pools are self-stabilized, without the need for bracing and reinforcements.

Totally modular pools that are both robust and flexible. Simplified and rapid construction (Earthworks are minimized).

Swimming pool suppliers in india
Magiline swimming pools suppliers in india

The most efficient filtration system on the Market

The quality of the water in your pool is indispensable for your comfort, for the pleasure of your eyes, and for your safety too.

FX Line filtration and Perfect’filtre meet the most extreme requirements of your family.
Performance, economy, simplicity and aesthetics.

Magiline invents the smart pool: Zero constraints, 100% pleasure

iMAGI, patented by Magiline Pools, is the only integrated home automation solution offered by a pool manufacturer.

Imagine a pool without constraints, water that is always clean and wholesome, a more economical and ecological pool, water constantly at the ideal temperature, a pool that is remotely controlled…

Swimming pool manufacturer in india

Our obsession: quality and reliability

The structures of our pools in reinforced concrete meet the BAEL calculation rules (Reinforced Concrete using Limit States Design), the same “standard” as those of buildings, bridges and water towers.

As solid as a bridge or a water tower!

tenyearThe ten-year pool warranty protects you against defects and faulty workmanship relating to the strength and water tightness of the installation of your pool for 10 years.

A commitment to rugged and durable Swimming Pools!

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Magiline Pools is the first swimming pool designer-manufacturer to obtain the French Origin Guaranteed label, a true guarantee of quality and durability.

A guarantee of reliability and a trusted label


Do you dream of creating a swimming pool in your own style?

Magiline swimming pools are customizable and highly-equipped according to your wishes. And our Research Department is at your disposal to study and design the customized pool of your dreams taking into account the particular form desired and your constraints.

Our dealers, experienced professionals, will be able to advise you and assist you throughout your entire project.

Unique Swimming Pools Designs

Hundreds of possible combinations to create a unique pool.

  • Swimming Pool Manufacturer - Magiline Graandprix

    The timeless traditional rectangular pool

    Swimming Pool Installation price in India

    The harmony of straight lines with a staircase

  • Swimming Pool Installation cost in india

    A touch of the exotic in your garden

    luxury swimming pool design

    A pool with spillover integrated into the landscape

  • swimming pool installation

    A sports area for swimming laps

    Swimming pool dealers in india

    Curves perfectly integrated with your garden

  • luxury swimming pool dealers in india

    A very Italian touch of originality

    Magiline swimming pools suppliers india

    Timeless elegance to enhance the garden

  • Luxurious Swimming Pools Supplier in India

    Your creative space

    Luxury Swimming Pool Manufacturer in India

    Anything is possible


MAGIfirst : All the know-how of Magiline in a kit

With the MAGIfirst kit, Piscines Magiline proposes you the building of a pool in concrete and the complete installation of the equipment in 5 steps. The MAGIfirst is available in all dimensions (10×5 max) and can have the Arena stairs (rounder corner), the QUALIbeach stairs (any width) or the Roman stairs.

MAGIfirst is accessible and easy tu use

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MAGIpool : an easy-to-build pool

Your pool of 1m50 and 1m20 height, it’s your choice.
MAGIpool is a revolutionary concept that allows you easily and simply to build a real traditional reinforced concrete swimming pool. The MAGIpool principle is simple, just clip the basic units together, in the same way as a construction set.

A true MAGILINE Swimming pools innovation, the MAGIpool has a modular structure that is very simple to assemble.


Magiline Pools, true technical know-how in the field of indoor swimming pools to create in-home pools in harmony with any style: rustic wood pool, luxury pool, contemporary pool, etc.

A unique concept of modular panels adaptable to all your constraints.


Do you want to modernize the design of your swimming pool, update it with the latest equipment, benefit from Magiline home automation innovations? Whatever the brand and year of construction of your swimming pool, Magiline Pools, sole swimming pool manufacturer with the French Origin Guaranteed label, can offer you the best renovation solutions.

As swimming pool experts, we can assist with all aspects of your pool in need of renovation.

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The swimming pool staircase, indispensable for easy access but also to make a statement about your pool. Select from among a full range of pool staircases offered by Magiline.

As you choose, your pool steps can be centred or in a corner, with three models available: Roman (rounded pool steps), Island (straight pool steps), Beach (interior pool steps) or Arena (corner stairs with deck).

Pool Liners

An envelope of supple PVC that lines the inside of the pool while ensuring perfect watertightness — the final touch to the aesthetics of your pool.

  • Magiline swimming pool decorative bordersDecorative borders
  • ecotech-foamEcotech foam
  • reinforce-pvcReinforce PVC


Straight or curved, supported entirely on the walls of your pool, they are specifically designed for your pool. They provide assurance of a beautiful finish.

  • Magiline swimming pool border design
  • magiline swimming pool border
  • magiline swimming pools border designs in india
  • magiline swimming pool border


A swimming pool for your needs: a play area for children, a space for swimming or diving. With Magiline, you can choose the depth of your swimming pool based on your desired usage: sloping or flat bottom, or diving depth.

  • Flat bottomflat bottom
  • Sloping bottomsloping bottom
  • Diving depthdiving depth
  • Flat bottom + safety ledgeflat-bottom-safety-ledge
  • Sloping bottom + safety ledgesloping-bottom-safety-ledge
  • Diving depth + safety ledgeDiving depth + safety ledge