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With summer around the corner, the pool is where you would love to hit up and spend most of your time. If you are looking for a space to customize a swimming pool at your courtyard, or if you are thinking of renovating your old Pool, then Magiline swimming pools are just the right solution for you. Our brand which is one of the best swimming pool installation companies in India offers you the best choice with an unmatched premium feature, best fitted for your home décor.


Magiline swimming pools solution designs exclusive private pool projects using different innovative technologies and machinery. Our name is synonymous with the luxury products in India. Our strength of designing a swimming pool offers you the choices of shape and size, custom-made, ultra equipped with the latest designs, the highest level of quality, economical and smart pool option. The unique techniques and features that we apply in designing a pool are sure to make you re-think of customizing your swimming pool with Magiline.


Here we give you some reasons on why you should opt for a great outdoors or indoor swimming pool for summer with Magiline:

–    Magiline is the only manufacturer of swimming pools to obtain the French origin guaranteed label traceability and quality.

–    We offer you patented products to ensure their quality and performance.

–    Magiline pools use a reinforced concrete structure which meets the same standard as those of bridge and water towers.

–    Our pool protects you against defects and faulty artistry relating to the strength and water tightness of your pool.

–    Magiline pools are committed to respecting the environment and ecology. Thus, we are considered environment-friendly when it comes to constructing the best pools for our customers.

Choose Magiline swimming pools, exclusively brought to you by Graand Prix, one of the best swimming pool installation companies in India and add a great taste of beauty and a touch of grand appearance to your home.