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Swimming pool equipment suppliers are always advertising material that is either used seldom or is never used at all. You must be working hard to keep your swimming pool clean but what if one day you wake up and find your beautiful pool covered with leaves, twigs, and debris from a storm last night?

Rather than finding yourself at that position, make a choice today and get your pool a cover. A pool cover does a lot and not just cover your pool. It is easily available in stores of swimming pool equipment suppliers. But if you’re still not convinced, let us give you five reasons to cover your swimming pool!

1)    Slows Down Evaporation

If your pool is kept open all day and all night, the water will start evaporating. The water level in the pool will drop and if not taken care of it while the water level drops below the height of the skimmers and the pump suck in air, it will get damaged. A cover avoids this problem.


2)    Reduces Chemical Use

Pool chemicals can give watery red eyes, irritation of the skin and sneezes. Using a pool cover significantly reduces the use of chemicals by 35-60 percent.


3)    Helps the Pool to Retain Heat

You can either cover a heated pool or a regular water pool at night to get warmer water to swim the next morning. Covering a pool retains the heat in the water even if the water is not preheated. So instead of losing all the heat overnight when the temperature drops, cover it to enjoy the warm water when you go swimming next day. You can use a vinyl or solar cover to keep water warm.


4)    Keeps Leaves, Twigs and Yard Debris Away From your Pool

A pool when not covered can be invaded by dead insects, grass, soil, dirt, and dog toys. Everything will be out of control, and you might have to spend hours sitting with a net trying to clean the pool. But if you use a pool cover, you will not be as worried when it rains, or it’s windy.  Because with a pool cover, everything will be under control.


5)    Less Maintenance

Do you enjoy the hours spent vacuuming, brushing and maintaining the pool? Even if sometimes it may be fun, but the chore is tiring isn’t it? A pool cover helps in making the maintenance of a pool little less tiring and easier.


Various types and styles of pool covers are available at swimming pool accessories supplier’s stores. You can choose the one that looks great on your pool and does the job well. If you are looking for a durable pool cover, contact Magiline Pools, one of the best swimming pool accessories suppliers in India at