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From elegance to sophisticated choices, if you wish to build a swimming pool to complete your courtyard, terrace, or indoor interior, we have it sorted for you. Magiline offers you the perfect pool design using the latest innovation and technique to give you a highly-equipped pool according to your choice. We offer one of the best swimming pool installation services, and our swimming pool expert team is at your service to customize the pool you have been dreaming.


Some of the swimming pool styles which we design with our expertise are- rustic pool, luxury pool, and contemporary pool, etc. We have a unique concept of modular panel adaptable to all shape and size or based on your preference. We also have the options to modernize the design of your old swimming pool utilizing the latest equipment. We are one of the best swimming pool installation services, and we can provide you with the best renovation solutions too.


Our brand uses only the finest French origin guaranteed label, and our experts can assist you with all the aspects of your pool in need of renovation. Whether you are building a new pool or thinking of renovating your old one, Magiline welcomes you to the world of luxury where our sleek design combines with the convenience that will guide you through the ideal combination of world-class solution, best suited for your bungalow, farmhouse, hotel, and resort or club house. Till date, Magiline has touched the lives of elite clients with classic, innovative designs and dedicated service.


Complete your home interior with Magiline Swimming Pools by Graand Prix, and give your home a touch of elegance and luxury with our finest products from countries like France, Italy, etc.