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Who wouldn’t love to have a pool in their backyard or patio? And especially when the temperature in Indian states rises, everyone wishes that they had a swimming pool to get a dip in once a while. So when you decide to have your very own swimming pool at home, many swimming pool suppliers can suggest designs of a pool. But before you rely on them, take a look at the ten unique types of outdoor swimming pools you must be considering.


1)    Regular Swimming Pool

The first option a swimming pool supplier will give you is of regular pools. These pools are the standard in-ground rectangular pools in average size.


2)    Infinity Pools

Also known as the infinity edge pools, these swimming pools create an illusion of an edge disappearing over the cliff! It is a cool design and is becoming very popular. Leading swimming pool suppliers in India like Magiline Pools can create such looks for your home’s outdoor pool.


3)    Lap Pool

Perfect for swimming laps, a lap pool has a slim and rectangular design and structure. Not very common, but these pools are used by people who swim only for exercise. But this pool can also be used as a regular pool.


4)    Zero – Entry Pools

These pools have an entry that starts from zero and gradually gets deeper. It gives an experience like that of an ocean and is perfect for kids and adults to chill in summers!


5)    Spa Pool/ Jacuzzi

This pool is full of heated water and works well as a spa at the comfort of your home. It is perfect for relaxation, hydrotherapy, soaking, or massages. It is also equipped with jets for massage purposes.


6)    Plunge Pool

A small pool ideal for compact outdoor spaces – a plunge pool is designed to offer a dip in and cool off experience.


7)    Exercise Pool/ counter current

In this pool, a machine pushes the water against the person who is swimming, and hence you can swim in the same direction without moving or turning. It is for exercise purposes.


8)    Above Ground

An above ground pool is perfect for those who want to create a pool which takes less in-ground space or who do not want to dig in for a pool.


9)    Salt – Water Pool

If you are an “anti-chemical” and do not wish to add chlorine or other chemicals used to keep the water in your pool clean, opt for salt-water pools, even these are fabulous.


All of these types of pools are constructed by leading swimming pool suppliers in India. If you are interested in building one such pool for your home, contact at