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Things you should know about Magiline Swimming Pool

May 19, 2017

If you are thinking of building a swimming pool for your home, the first thing is to decide on the design and structure as well as the techniques and the innovation used. We at Magiline work closely with our team to give you the finest swimming pool which features innovative design choices, and structure style. We provide one of the best swimming pool installation services in India, and our models are ideally suited for your luxury lifestyle. From planning till construction, Magiline proposes you the building of a pool in the concrete and the complete installation of the equipment.

Here is everything you need to know about Magiline which offers one of the best swimming pool installation services in India. We are an inventor of a smart pool.

1. Indoor swimming pool– with the unique concept of modular panels adaptable to all sizes and shapes, Magiline pools true techniques creates an in-house pool which fit your home space. Our pool style includes- rustic wood pool, luxury pool, and contemporary pool, etc.
2. Swimming Pool Renovation– If you are looking for a way to modernize your old swimming pool, Magiline offers you the choice to update the latest swimming pool system. Our customization service is equipped with types of machinery from the award-winning French origin guaranteed label, and we give you the best solution for renovating your old pool.
3. Staircase, Liners, Borders, Depth– For easy access and to make a statement in your pool, select from the range of staircase design offered by us. Your pool stairs can be centered or in a corner, with three models available: Roman (rounded pool steps), Island (straight pool steps), beach (interior pool steps) or Arena (corner stairs deck). You can also choose your pool liners, borders, depth, and customize your swimming pool best suited for your environment. We provide an assurance of a beautiful touch and bespoke luxury.